Do you ship parts outside of the USA?

As of now we only ship in the USA.

If you feel an order is big enough for all the fees that go along with shipping outside the USA please contact us and we may work with you.

How long from the time I place my order to the time I receive my parts?

We strive to ship your parts within 1 business day. We ship our packages UPS so it depends where you live on how long it takes to get to you.

What if I want a part and need it the next day?

Feel free to contact us at AJK OFFROAD and we will try and work with you so you can have your part when you would like it. Reminder: 24 hour shipping can get expensive!

Do you offer dealer or wholesale programs?

Yes, Please contact AJK OFFROAD for more information.

Are your parts made in the USA with American made material?

YES ALL ARE PARTS ARE MANUFACTURED IN THE USA and all our material is purchased from American companies.

What is your policy on returns?

Please review our policy page for information on returns.

Will I receive tracking information?

Yes. When your order is placed, you will receive all tracking information via the email you provide.

Have more questions? Please contact us using the form below.