The Beginning

At a young age, Aaron Klosterman could be found running four-wheelers in and around his home state of Ohio. Those first off-road experiences got him hooked on four-wheeling. Aaron could always be found in his father’s workshop modifying his four-wheeler, and when he finally came of age, he bought his first off road vehicle, an old basket case of Suzuki Samarai parts.

Over the course of the next couple years, Aaron added a roll cage and started putting the Samurai through its paces at the local parks. Over the years, he added two bigger Toyota steerable axles for four wheel steer, and four-linked the axles, as opposed to leaf springs.  This involved long hours, and the certainty of using good quality parts.

The Suzuki turned out to be the beginning of AJK Offroad, LLC. Over the next couple of years, Aaron added a bigger motor and a better transmission, along with plenty of other parts.  Finally, all that was left stock was the old, abused Samurai body. Eventually he tore the body down to make a tube buggy. He rebuilt every aspect of the buggy, from the tubing to the motor and axles, along with virtually every other part.  Throughout the years, the tube buggy has been wheeled hard and he has been constantly trying to find the weak link of the buggy, and upgrade it with higher quality parts. However, throughout all the work, he realized one thing, quality off-road parts were incredibly expensive and not always reliable.

The Birth of AJK Offroad, LLC

As luck would have it, Aaron is employed at a local CNC machine shop, so parts, equipment, and knowledge were readily available. Here is where Aaron was able to concept, research, and design parts using the shops resources. The machine shop Aaron works for is a modern shop with a variety of types of machines, and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This certification is an international standard for quality.  This standard places the company among the leaders in the industry.  Aaron has followed through with the same attention to detail for his company AJK Offroad, LLC.

After showing his creations to friends and family, they were amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of the parts Aaron was building for his tube buggy. They began requesting custom parts from Aaron for their own rigs. Not only were the parts higher quality and more reliable, but they were far cheaper. Plus, they were made in the USA.

After years of research and development, selling parts to friends and online auction sites, Aaron knew it was time to take the parts to a larger audience, so was born.

Aaron and the team at AJK Offroad, LLC started the company with one mission: to make high quality, American-made parts at a fair price, and pass those savings onto customers all over the world.  We are constantly making and designing new products for our customers.

We thank you for visiting our site and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.